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FliteTest Repaint for FS2004 Project Opensky 737-800


Rotor Riot!

Tips: Make the flitetest logo bigger, then don't cut the lower edge of the Josh & Josh image, instead just flip it horizontally and line it up with the bottom of the rudder. And copy it to the other side too.

Great ideas!! :D but the reason i cut it off is because of the vertical lines....do you know of any better Josh and Josh pics to put in there?
The texture resource for the simulator - the skin before you painted it.
Oh....I just repainted it from the Hainian airlines repaint, took out the logos etc, and unfortunately I don't have the file before putting the logos etc on....but, here's the Hainian Airlines texture....
Actually, I did the logo/text removing in Paint, so it wasn't too good of a job XD but whatever...