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FliteTest should Buy http://www.mountainmodels.com/

As the title say's...

On a serious note, Flitetest should buy http://www.mountainmodels.com/ Why??? :confused:

They are going out of business, the owner has spend a decade giving to the hobby in Balsa-wood not DTFB. He is a U.S. Based small business that has designed, engineered and sold all of there products. (very good products I may add) The owner wishes to give up his small business in order to spend his time with what matters most. Family.

Flitetest is a company that LOVES bringing families closer together. They love people discovering the passion of aviation, and within there heart of hearts enjoy bringing families and aviation together to share the experience. Flitetest has expressed there interest in expanding beyond DTFB and moving on to Balsa... What a perfect opportunity to purchase an established model builders plans and ideas and let them live on?

http://www.mountainmodels.com/ has build amazing designs that are link together parts, and have designs that are easy for a novice and expert to build.

Flitetest has amazing build plane again that are easy for a novice and a expert to build, with the same amount of investment it would take to purchase a Hot Glue gun and all the accessories, you could build a balsa plane. just replace DTFB with wood and sand paper.

With http://www.mountainmodels.com/ needing a buyer and http://www.flitetest.com up and rising, bringing people into the hobby... this could be a beautiful merge and also opening another chapter for Flitetest...


Fly Angry
That suggestion has come up several times. Many of us agree that Flite Test and Mountain Models would be a perfect merge. I almost wish I had money to invest and get in on something like that. Wonder if we as a community could invest in Mountain Models and have Flite Test manage it for the community. It keeps it alive and under proper management with people who actually care and could be set up so any profits could further fund the stem program for even more schools and programs. That keeps the community from getting into the "Money" aspect of the hobby business creating the inevitable "Partnership" issues.
Flitetest does a legal contract. assuming all rights and property (to include intellectual property and designs) of http://www.mountainmodels.com/ Not a merger. but as what http://www.mountainmodels.com/ says is there word as published on there website a PURCHASE of mountain models.

No special interest.

Then http://www.mountainmodels.com/ lives on with its original designs, and the works of the creator, Flitetest reserves the rights to make many videos and podcasts and vlogs to spread the hobby onto interested buyers GROW the Flitetest community.

It should be easy peasy. http://www.mountainmodels.com/ is expressing to close, Flitetest expresses continuity to grow and into more than DTFB. Both are American companies primed to merge.

If Flitetest don't have the money after Fitefest, create a kickstarter or paetreon and ask for community support. mention it in a few FT episodes to garner support, and this will also be a telltale sign if it will be accepted among the community.
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http://www.mountainmodels.com/ is continuing to live there dream to spend more time with the family, to continue education, pursue a life in family, aviation, and career. Flitetest is looking to expand in joining family with aviation and memories.

How hard is this?

The only reason I can think of is that Josh Bixler does not want to have to do a build video on a balsa wood plane... Because that would be much more miserable than a DTFB plane?
That suggestion has come up several times. Many of us agree that Flite Test and Mountain Models would be a perfect merge. I almost wish I had money to invest and get in on something like that.
You go have some money...

I also have some money...

Maybe we can start a kickstarter or patreon?

We could put our money together...

maybe more people would be interested?

maybe we could have lots of members pitch lots of money like flitefest?

maybe we can make SP0NZ life hell because now he has Balsa Plans to build???

maybe we can opensource and grow this hobby like no one else...

maybe Flitetest can provide knowledge and power packs for not only DTFB but Balsa?
Imagine the STEM possibilities also,

FT designed a pusher jet that looked like a 5th grader built it, the kids in highschool build a A, B, and C Jet that made EVERONE look stupid... seriously, gives those kids some balsa wood... we will all be amazed.



Fly Angry
Me thinks someone is excited.

It is great to see that enthusiasm for something. Maybe a kickstarter program could get going to buy MM who knows. If I had money to invest I would be down for a rescue mission. Sadly I have problems managing bills and prop purchases so any involvement into a real business from me would mean certain failure. Not even taking into account for any actions caused by Bills Law.

I would love to see FT take in MM and keep it alive as like you stated think what they could do with that specially now they are branching into EDF planes that will require a mix of foam and wood to stay in one piece and flyable.

I am sure Stefan will see this thread and toss it up the chain of command to see what reaction it gets. Time will tell..

Oh STEFAN where are yooooh!!! We have a proposition for yoooooh!!!!
Foam and balsa planes. balsa and foam planes? integrate both concepts? where can the end be? and how many possibilities?!?!
light wing loading and strong structural integrity? is that not everything we could ever want?

I agree with you PsyBorg, anything I would touch will be governed by bill... I am not established, I do not have the time in my career, and cannot commit to the extra hours. But I would pitch in a few buck to get it going, like a "flitetest raffle ticket"

It's a proven design and could easily integrate the community into balsa, and not to forget, the balsa community into foam!

...a quality balsa build that uses foam, or a quality foam build that uses balsa... sounds like the future techniques in building to me.

I cannot imagine the possibilities when integrating to future models. to include as you say PsyBorg "EDF" you will need structural integrity (easily achieved by light weight wood) and a light wing loading (easily achieved by DTFB)

I really think this is a opportunity that should not be passed by. Not to include that FT has the laser cutters and the ability, to match with the community already believes in the quality and design in Mountain Models as a reputable designer and creator. Very much like FliteTest.

The low expense of foam, and the low expense of raw balsa... how can this not catch on?

Tell me where I am wrong here?


Fly Angry
I have nothing to teach on a business type thing. The people to be having this discussion with would be the powers that be at Flite Test. I can not speak for them in any way. I can only regurgitate information I have read and speculate. Other then that anything I say on this is purely opinion or a flat out guess.
If you have $1.00 you have a vote. depending on how many other people we can get $1.00 from, decides how far an Idea can go. Who are the bosses at FT? they have $1.00 maybe we can ask them what they think and if it a viable option for there business model?


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hehe Sounds like the lottery commercials here in NY... All you need is a dollar AND a dream.. I usually have one OR the other.. never both at the same time it seems.

Last battery just beeped.. heading out to fly before the sun sets.. will be back in later.
hehe Sounds like the lottery commercials here in NY... All you need is a dollar AND a dream.
Well logically I wouldn't waste a dollar on a lottery ticket I hope you are wiser than that (unless your one of the 13,983,816 in 1 who have won.)

have fun flying!, wind is to bad here in Europe. Soon I will be in North Carolina where I can hopefully fly more than the weather here allows!

Happy landings PsyBorg!
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Got some respectable flights in. Close to being back where I was on top of the game with the tune since I finally replaced teh bad motor and have gone back to the 5x4.5x3 Dals I use for freestyle and not racing. At least my eyes are not all jittery atm so that's a start hehe.

I have to undo the tuning I did trying to chase the motor bearings dieing. I got it close this evening though so I am happy. No crashes and It was a nice evening.


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Flite Test is working on and investing in other, bigger things already. There's only so much money ;). As great at this merger probably would be, it's not just "buy and be happily ever after". It takes a lot of work to take things over and keep them at the high standard people love from either company. I don't know if they have heard about this, so it might always be an idea to mail them a line, but...