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fly my drone in the rain


I know it's not okay to fly drones in the rain, but it's typhoon season in Shenzhen now, I didn't get chance to fly any drones in about one month because of the weather. I'm getting more familiar with flying drones, and I hate it if I don't practice more and get rusty. So, I took a chance, took my drone out while the rain stops for a while and flied it.

Unfortunately, it started to rain again after taking off for a while. I knew I have to land the drone ASAP. But curiosity made me fly for a little bit longer time and took this video clip. check out the raw unedited video at youtube :

Thought it could be a great application when there's flood or something. What do you guys think ?


Wake up! Time to fly!
It all depends on what gear you use and what preventive things you have done to water proof them. Brush less motors are not effected by water electronically. The bearings whoever are and if they are not properly maintained after getting wet will degrade and effect performance and safety. Camera drone like the one you fly are less effected by rain as all of the major electrical parts are covered. This does not however make them water proof.

Alex Edit from You tube has been developing something call a splash drone which IS made to bet use in and around water. Flite Test recently did an episode specifically on his product. I would not suggest you use your particular drone in rain or wet conditions unless you make a serious effort to make it water proof.

It's actually very impressive! but I wonder this product is mature enough to put it into massive production, there are still some technical challenges to be conquered after all and almost every manufacturer tend to exaggerate, not that I'm doubting the authority of this video or anything. It's just too much hype and bubbles in this business.