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Fly Sky/Viggin Set-up


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HELP- Im trying to set up the elevon for my Viggin with a FlySky and I have an issue I can't seem to get around. The elevator and rudder are fine when used alone and elevon off, but when elevon is on the controls are reversed, bank is pitch and pitch is bank. I tried reverse servo and stick mode with no help. Any assistance is welcomed. BTW the 70mm fan pushes the jet and an ottoman accross the floor. Thanks, Chuck


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Try swapping the elevator and aileron servo plugs around, that should solve it.
That sis not work, and I think I miss stated the issue, yaw input is pitch and pitch is yaw. It's almost like number 1 and number sticks got reversed. If I turn off elevon, the stick and servo match, but elevon seems to reverse them.


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Torch, go into your elevon menu. Now adjust the setting in there. Hold your stick so that it should turn right. Now adjust either of the aileron settings so that the right goes up and the left goes down. Do this same for left, up and down. Pm me if you need help I have the fly sky 9x