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Flyer 370

I just built the FT Flyer last night (went really well for first scratch build although time consuming) and now I'm figuring out the electronics/power package. I do plan to eventually build the Cruiser and warbirds when my skill level of flying is to that level. The FT crew recommends roughly a Park 370 motor for those. Looking at this fact, and the fact the Cruiser uses two power pods, I would like to finish my current power pod with a bigger motor so I only have to build one more in the future, and only have a few power pods laying around instead of a bunch with different electronics.
So with the background and situation panned out, would the Flyer run good with the 370 equivalent motor or would it be too much motor?


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From my own experience the best route to take is to have two power pods. One with a hextronic 24g 1300kv motor (also called the blue wonder) on it, and one with a NTM propdrive 28-26 1200kv on it. And also the FT Flyer is not meant to fly off of a big motor. Keep it light, if it is heavy it does not fly well.
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okay cool thanks Cristopher14. I'll just power this pod with a smaller motor. I also plan to build the delta swappable and maybe a few similar sized designs of my own. I just looked at the flyer power package from altitude hobbies and price isn't bad anyways.
From my own experience, I've used a park 370 size in the smaller stuff up to the Bloody Wonder, keep in mind I use 2200mah 3s batteries for most models. With that battery, I wouldn't go smaller then a park 400 for the warbirds or the cruiser. I do like that setup better for where I'm at in the hobby. I also noticed that the field you fly at, for me, dictates a slower or faster setup. I had a Park 400 with 9x6 prop on my FT Racer for the local soccer field and it was great. When I brought in up to the club field, with a vastly larger flying area, it felt like it needed more power. I moved up to a Park 425 and it was perfect for that size field.
Well I still haven't decided yet haha. I saw the sponsor add for altitude hobbies pop and thought I would take a look, they have a very reasonabley priced power package to match the original swappables. It comes with the Suppo 2208/17-1100kv motor. Looking into it more I see they have four Suppo motors in that size. The 2208/17-1100kv as mentioned, 2208/14-1450kv, 2208/12-1800kv, and 2208/8-2600kv (sorry can't remember the watts). The last one was something like 130w. Using what seems to be a common 100w/pound (6.25w/oz.) I think that would be a lot of power. My air frame with nothing in it weights like 3.2 oz. The battery I am thinking of using is the E-flite 2S 430mAh (only 10 bucks) which would cut the power down a little, but I also figure after I get the hang of flying the plan I can always get a 3S battery.


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I build an ft flyer, and after a while it accumulated beefy landing gear and ailerons, but even when that, a 18A esc, hextronic 24-gram motor and a 1300 3s battery could still make it hover for a couple moments.