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Junior Member
Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but here is a company that makes flying cars out of...............?? You guessed it, dollar tree foam style board and foam. I think it`s awesome and the possibilities are endless. Just think of what David and Bixler would do with this technology !!? Here are some links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7f1feSjDks http://www.gearfactor.com.hk/en/about-us.html

This is not my company nor am I affiliated with them. I just thought it was really awesome and I had to share ! Also this is my first post and my way of saying HI ! PEACE, AJ :cool:


Senior Member
The way it "flies", it must be filled with helium or something to give it a slight negative buoyancy. That's the only way those motors could lift it.