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Flying FT Spitfire in the wind

In the past, I generally stayed home when it is windy, but I found out recently that I can get along with a steady wind. My FT models are best due to their low "pucker factor". I was itching to fly so I went out thinking the wind wasn't so bad- but when I got to the field, I find it above 15mph. With three charged batteries, I decided to try anyway. The first two went so well, I decided to video the last one.
Sorry for the shaky video. I have the camera attached to the bill of my hat with a rubber band and I was trying to keep the plane in frame- which I managed most of the time anyway.


Senior Member
Flying in wind is definately something that you get used to. For the last three months my only flight worthy plane has been an 80cm wing span indoor depron 3D foamy. Indoor season is long over, so I just had to learn how to fly it in the wind...150g flies away real quick when it goes down wind =)