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flying in park?

You can fly in just about any park as long as they don't have a sign up saying otherwise. Also, never fly over people!! I'm sure you know that already though lol🤣😂
I guess the new 2021 rules may now cause problems for park flyers? As I understand them, you cannot fly a model over 250g (most models!) closer than 50m now (was 30m) - seems excessive.....
I had actually been flying in an illegal area for years without my knowledge, they really buried the regulations deep. Be sure to check every ordinance you can find, and try to fly far away from cities if you can. They get angry because of people flying DJI quads over airports and stuff.


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in Pima county (which is where i think you live) it is ILLEGAL to fly anything in a county or city park. you will be fined and they may take your aircraft. when i was getting started i took a little micro to the park down the street from me. there were some county maintenance guys there and they watched me fly 3 batteries worth, then came and told me it wasn't allowed.

could you get away with it, probably but is it worth the risk?????


me :cool:


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May I suggest you get a big dog, that way it can chase off the kids and it will allow you to land safely. Plus if the dog catches the kids it keeps the dog amused and saves you having to feed it later :LOL:.
I am from the UK, parks are not a great place to fly unless you have a sub 250g plane, as they are more often than not inhabited by other people and animals who are either a distraction or an obstacle to avoid.
I think our ruling in the UK is you can fly anywhere, as long as you have the land owners permission and it doesn't encroach on CAA, military or Government property. But to be honest it comes down to common sense, even a light weight foamboard plane hurtling towards a child out of control, can do a lot of damage. Would you like that on your conscience, or to have to face the parents of that child afterwards ?
Find somewhere isolated with enough space to fly safely, unless you live in a city there are always areas you can find to fly. Even in cities there are deserted car parks and waste land.
Good luck


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IanT - Yes, better to find that isolated spot - but I am guessing it will be an almost impossible challenge to get the land owners permission!!
You may be suprised, the hobby is pretty unobtrusive and these days with electric flight it has less environmental impact with respect to noise.
As long as its just you flying occasionally and within boundries, land owners can be fairly reasonable.
When you get groups of enthusiasts grouping together all needing access then land owners become less accomodating, unless there is a financial incentive.
It doesn't hurt to ask they can only say no, and who knows you may get a yes ?
The only time I would fly in a park is during summer months, when I am on my way home from work at 6am and its daylight. But even then there are some sad people out walking dogs so that isn't always an option. Plus I take a risk that if my plane flies out of control and hits someones property living locally, then I am liable for the damage. I am lucky there are some large areas of common land in the area I live which means anyone has access. Again you have to contend with ramblers and dog walkers in these areas, so its not ideal.
Thats why I joined a club, sadly I can't fly there either at the moment due to Covid isolation.