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Flying Toaster


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Inspired by the old screensaver from After Dark Chad issued a challenge to Josh and David; Make a toaster fly and toast in flight.

Josh built the airframe

The original flying toaster screensaver

David was was in charge of making the toaster work.

Field testing of the toaster

It works!

Josh and Chad testing a toaster on the Kraken

The first test of the toaster plane didn't go that well. It needed vertical stabilization

The final toaster plane, with the final V-tail that acts as rudder only. The elevons only act as elevators.

Lots of batteries


[h=3]Download the screensaver[/h]


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So since I didn't get credit for suggesting the flying toaster way back in May, let me try again. How about a flying bird cage. Not necessarily an appliance, but it is a flashback to my childhood.


But please don't put a real bird in it. :eek:
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That's actually not a bad idea. I'd love to fly something like that but a bit smaller. Maybe making it smaller would also improve the elevon performance. Of course Josh could just adapt what he learned about the wings to an FT Corsair. I'd be happy with that as well.


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I want to see something stupid crazy with the pulse jet. :p I don't care what it is.

No, I take it back. The name of the Tweety Bird episode with the flying bird cage was The Jet Cage.

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