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Flying V

This seems right up their alley, wonder if FT has thought about doing a true Flying V guitarplane. If they don't, I might have to.

As a part time Luthier I'd never thought to combine the two hobbies till now. The shape is a nice delta wing shape, the low aspect ratio could be tough, having the headstock canard that far out front could be interesting....but worth a go. If I build it I'd have to actually put some strings on it, tuned to an open chord, and have a dedicated servo to strum it on a low flyby.
Awesome, I figured someone had to have done it. As far as I can tell though, it doesn't have strings and doesn't function as a guitar, so there's something I could add, haha.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I would rather own a real V to play since I cant seem to fly fixed wing to save my lardy butt.

I did however always want to have a flying RC acoustic copy of the album cover Boston used back in the 70's Or ELO's space ship cover.


Master member
Unfortunately back in the day means pre internet '80-00's. I had trusted rocketry friends that did strange possibly illegal things en masse out in the desert tell me about these.