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Flying wing for a beginner

I'm looking at trying this part of the hobby out, but I'm a bit lost. I've been doing a bit of a search over the past week and haven't really found any RTF packages. I know I need to buy a radio capable of "mixing" but I don't really know how to program one from scratch, if I buy all the elements seperately.

Can anyone recommend something for a newbie? I'm probably looking at doing a bit of slope... and generally taking it out when it's just too windy for my Sky Climber. I usually look for planes with at least a wing span of 1400mm, but I'm not sure how stable these wings are to handle.

Yoke on my face. Somehow I read fixed wing, instead of flying wing.
You had me worried there for a second... after looking at the Radian, I was beginning to wonder if I needed to do a little more research on what a flying wing actually looked like. But normality is now restored!

Some of the designs on the Swifts look fantastic, not sure if anyone ships them to Oz at this stage.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
The guys were just a bit slow. I ordered a Deep Reaper from Lee over at CrashTestHobby.com just a day before FliteTest released their latest "wing".