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flying wing idea contest/new kit idea

So. A contest between Bixler and Windestål! :)

a 1S 3.7V beginner flying wing contest!

judged in four categories!

1. Flight time.

2. Durability.

3. weight.

4. stability/slow flying

I'll admit I have two reason for wanting this. first just for the fun of it. secondly I'd like to build something like this for myself and my wife to learn on.



With a 1s battery, everything is going to be defined by how light it can be built. There are power plants available in the micro flyer lines of planes, such as the Flyzone Albatross. It really wouldn't be difficult to do. That doesn't mean I don't think this is a cool idea - I do. But, adding a couple of design constraints would make this more challenging.

For instance - require it to be built only of foam board using hot glue. Define a minimum wingspan or wing area, and/or minimum weight. This could really push the efficiency of the construction method and airfoil design.
I'm not really sure a 1s setup could take hotglue. Its going to be underpowerd for sure.

Whats wrong with 2s? A scratchbuilt 1s setup would be on the very hard/expert side of the scale.

You can have really slow flyers or fast ones on 2s. While still keeping the weight really low.

2s is perfect for beginners and experts alike.



New member
Welcome to the forum and the hobby mate :)

If you're looking for something really good to learn on, have you tried the FT Flyer? Its really popular with beginners because its so easy to fly, (slow too) but its also popular with more experienced flyers, cause its a nice lazy casual fun flying plane.