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Flying Witch (mighty mini swappable)

I wanted to put something together for Halloween, so I mashed a Mini Scout into a flying witch. This is my first run at anything with a kite/flex wing and went from concept to test flight in an afternoon, so there's inherently some room for improvements. The broomstick is based on the mighty mini scout fuselage which I made about 6 inches longer, mirroring the rudder to the bottom of the fuselage for a more broom-like appearance in profile. The witch is just another piece of foam board cut and glued to the fuselage, and the wing is just 4 pieces of 1/4in basswood hot glued together and loosely covered with a black garbage bag. Powered with my mighty mini power pod (turnigy park 250 2200kv, 6030 prop., and 950mah 2s). She flies really well in calm conditions, okay with a slight breeze, and not at all if the branches on the trees are swaying...about as expected, I guess.

She loses a foot about half-way through the video due to a missed catch/landing. Rev. 2 will have to include retractable feet for landing. The end of the video doesn't do it justice, but flying over the houses in the neighborhood right after the sun goes down looks very, very evil (and yes, the neighbors are okay with my foam contraptions flying over their houses). I'll try to get some better video and hopefully some on Halloween, assuming I don't destroy it before then.

I'll try to upload my template for the witch body and the wing if anyone's interested/curious. I'm sure someone could improve greatly on my ver. 1.0.

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