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FlyingMonkey in the Tampa Area August 21-24ish


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
My wife has an event she needs to attend, and I get to be the driver.

I will not be attending said event, so this will leave me with a bit of free time.

Anyone in the area want to meet up to fly, grab a bite to eat, or know of a good museum to visit? (Fantasy of Flight will be closed the days I'm there.)
I'll be working during the week until around 4 -7pm depending on work. I'd love to get together. I don't have a real flying area, i use a friends field so i never know when he'll be available. But i'm looking into some places, lots of fields around this area, i just don't know too many people. Keep me posted and we'll try and get together. My Guinea pig hasn't had a maiden flight yet, too large to fit in my car, LOL