FlySky BeeCore Airgineers drone issue


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I am building an Airgineers kit using the old green BeeCore FlySky controller and Betaflight. I have gone through all of the tutorials, and it seems to be configured correctly. When plugged in, with Betaflight, I can control all three axes with the transmitter. The board powers up when the battery is connected. However, when I plug in the battery and enable, the motors spin up automatically with the throttle down (showing 1001 on Betaflight). I can hear the motors respond to pitch, roll and yaw stick controls. When I increase throttle, I can hear the motor speed up, but then they won't come back down when I throttle back.

Any ideas ?


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If you are doing that props off, then the motors are behaving normally.
When you arm the motors start turning, most quads do this. You can stop them by turning on “Motor Stop” in the Configuration tab.
When you increase the throttle with no props on the accelerometer and gyro are looking for inputs that don’t come because the drone doesn’t move, so the PID loop goes out of control.
I would say it’s ready to fly, just set the sub trims to get the throttle to sit at 1000 when off etc or use CLI commands to set them, then set min_check to 1020 to get rid of the dead band at the bottom of the throttle.