Flysky fs-t6 Pairing question


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Hi! I've got a problem pairing my flysky fs-t6 radio with my new orange r615 receiver. It's a 2.4ghz tx and rx. I've used the receiver that came with my radio, the flysky fs-r6b, on mu quad, but want to switch to cppm to allow for gps and a more tidier frame. I'm compleatley new at this, so any help is good help!:)
The problem is that when i insert the bind link in the orange, and connect power, it flashes red(witch i guess is a good thing?) But when i press down the bind key on my radio and power it up, they don't connect.. What am i doing wrong?


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an orange r615 receiver will not work with a Flysky fs-T6. You need an FlySky AFHDS receiver aka Turnigy V2. Unfrotunately there are no available AFHDS/V2 receivers that support CPPM.

The new Flysky i6 TX with the iA6B RX does but that RX wont work with the fs-T6