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FlySky i6 vs Turnigy i6

Are these really exactly the same, just with different names? If so, what, if any, are the advantages of one over the other in terms of features, cost, and service from the source you buy them from?
Turnigy from Hobby King seems to be from a more reliable source than Banggood for the FlySky, but costs about $10 more.
Your comments please. (be brutal).


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I can't speak personally about the i6 but I have the Turnigy i6S and I can confirm that it is identical to the Flysky (except for cosmetic differences). You can flash the firmware of one to the other. My Turnigy currently shows Flysky at the boot up screen because that's the latest firmware version. I believe it is the same for the i6; Turnigy just rebranded the Flysky.


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I have two FlySky i6X and never had a problem with them...
I guess what I am saying is for a few dollars more with the 6X you get a more advanced system...