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Flyte Test arrived in ANGOLA

Thank you Flyte Test Team, I am a BIG fan of your solution to build foam board airplanes.

I'm not an experienced aeromodelist but I've been struggling to learn.

There is a huge lack of material here in Angola, and due to the crisis it is very difficult to import! But we're getting enough.

After discovering your website (which is great, congratulations) I started building the Sportster, it was not ready yet and with the enthusiasm :) I also built Baby Blender.

Here they are:

01.jpg 02.jpg

Today was the day to try them .... and none of them flew.
Good but I will not give up :) I'm going to start building Simple Storch now and then I'll tell you what the experience was like.

Once again, congratulations!
Even without flying I have been quite entertained.

Hugs from ANGOLA