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Flyzone Focke-wulf FW 190 1330 mm rtf


Senior Member
So this weekend on leave I decided to treat myself to a new plane. I decided to go with the fly zone fw190 and step out of my horizon hobby box. And I'm very pleasantly surprised. I bought this plane on the worries that it may be a terrible flyer but I found that I was wrong. I have only flown her once so far but from what I've seen she's a bullet. Handles wind well, fast, sleightly floaty, flaps are great for the small amount of movement they actually do. And the retracts look great on this bird. At $269 (250 with military discounts) RTF with a 6ch tx and 6ch control I think it's well worth the buying price. Manufacturing leaves some small things to be desired, sleightly warped surfaces, imperfect paint, but honestly it does look and feel nice. Details are great on this bird and she will definitely be a display piece in my collection. The only real complaint I have is the landing gear, the lateral supports that are used to pull the supports in are a bit weak. I snapped one on a semi rough landing. But it seemed to glue back together well. May try to fabricate something soon for it.

In all I think I'd give this bird a good rating.
Quality 7/10
Appearance 9/10 (paint is a bit thin in places but does look well)
Flying 9/10
Wind 9/10
Power 10/10
Handling 8/10 I haven't had it out of low rates yet but in the wind the overall roll rate seemed slow for just an aileron roll. But fighting wind it seemed more than enough. So I'm confused as to if ill be happy with the roll rate yet but all other surfaces seemed well designed.

Field type: large park or open field recommend hand launch or smooth surface geared landings only. Belly land in grass or very smooth dirt or hard pack snow.

Personally reccomend Mid-intermediate pilots. Have good feel and reaction time and good 4ch control down before tackling the flaps and gear. This plane is very very easy to disorient yourself with on an overcast day. It's the perfect color camouflage grey to lose in the clouds. It's a great looking scale flyer with a mean and sexy stance on and off the Tarmac and its terribly impressive to look at as it tears thru the sky.


Yes, it did. Remember that rip in the lower wing? Its not a rip - the covering just seperated from the wingtip! The amount of damage, given that "landing" is absurdly small.