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FMS 1400mm Mitsubishi Zero


ARG=almost ready to glue
Finally done. This took way longer than I had anticipated. Lots of panel lines to cover. I did reinforce the bottoom of the battery tray directly behind the firewall, some people said the were having issues with foam seperation. I think they were making hard landings and the nose-overs were causing stress on the foam which weakened it. I took my time and routed the servo leads under the servo mounts then back around to the reciever. the wire bundle in this bird is quite large and the fuselage is quite narrow...not a great combo.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the plane out of the box. There were very few blemishes on the plane, maybe 3 or 4. One small area (8 or 10 mm across) had the paint re-touched at the factory and there were the normal handling and shipping kind of marks but nothing major in that respect. The cowl on this beast is like no other I have seen. It is a heavy plastic at about 2mm thick. If you hit hard enough to break this badboy, you will need a new plane. As I said, the fuse is narrow so you'll need to get creative with the wiring to keep it out of the way and looking tidy.

The canopy glass leaves much to be desired. it is hazy and not terribly clear. That may be a blessing in diguise as it will help hide the fact that the pilot is clearly not Japanese.

The biggest issue I have is that the fuselage seems to be bowed downward near the tail. this has created a rather large gap between the rudder and the rear tip of the fuse. I tried to force it up while it was gluing but it just wouldn't stay. Oh well, I'll get used to it and it shouldn't effect the flying , at least I hope not. The other part that didn't fit too well were the little wing fillet panels. Mine just would not flush out to the surrounding panels. Again, not a huge deal but just looks a bit goofy to me. The elevator fillets fit much better.

The last and maybe my least favorite aspect of this plane is the fact that the tail section is glued on not screwed on...I can't think of one good reason why they would design it like this but they have. So now, if I accidentally snap my vertical stabilizer off carrying the plane through a doorway or some other narrow space, I have to CUT the glue to remove the stabilizer panels. It just doesn't make any sense to me and I don't like it one little bit. A screw on arrangement probably would have allowed me to get the rear end of mine to fit better even though the fuse is a bit askew.

I hope she flies well, everyone says they do.

DSC_1827.jpg DSC_1826.jpg DSC_1817.jpg DSC_1816.jpg DSC_1812.jpg DSC_0822.JPG


ARG=almost ready to glue
I finally got to maiden the Zero! Holy Wasabi, this thing is FAST! I took off without flaps and without incident, climbed to about 60 feet and circled back toward me and it looked absolutely beautiful in the air. It handled so well, I really was amazed. I flew around for about 3 minutes and my buddy said "Roll it"! So I grabbed a handful of aileron and she rolled right over and never skipped a beat, never lost any altitude and made me look like I had been much more experience than I do. I never would have attempted a roll on the maiden of my P-51 last year. I just didn't feel that comfortable at that point. I flew for about 3 more minutes than lined her up for a landing and dropped the gear and the flaps went to 50%. She came in nice, level and straight, touched down like I knew what I was doing. I cut the throttle before the plane had settled onto the tailwheel and she slowly nosed over onto the prop. No real damage, the props are a little scuffed but still fine for flying. This plane has a way of making you feel comfortable from the very start. I am usually nervous when I put the Mustang up, but this plane felt different right from takeoff. If anyone has been thinking about getting this plane I encourage you to do it. You won't regret it. Hopefully I can get some flight video soon.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Watching for video. I was really impressed with this plane when I got to see it in person. The whole FMS line is good stuff.

I might buy that 190 of theirs, one of these days...


ARG=almost ready to glue
I love this one. I think this could be my new favorite plane. Easy to fly, looks great and handles fantastically. The 190 is a really nice bird. FMS does seem to set the bar as far as foamy warbirds go, at least.


New member
Hi guys good day!

would like to ask if any one of you have experience in removing the cowling the this plane i just bought this plane last week ago and just maiden yesterday flies very good the only problem is the motor slightly lose to the motor mount, can you help me step by step how to remove the cowling? i find difficult to remove coz its very tight and maybe ill end up broke it =( if any one of you guys have done this before kindly share it or share picture. Thanks!