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Fms p51 BBD v2 engine mount

So my engine mount is junk, the threads inside the plastic for the screws have been stripped in a bad crash. Anyone have any ideas on how I can mount the engine to the chassis?! I tried glue with predictably disastrous results. I cant even get a traditional mount because one of the little black hex screws is completely stripped so I cant get the factory metal mount on the engine that screws into the plastic on the chassis....ugh I'm so frustrated I put so much time and money into this and I finally got the dual rates down, the expo, and all the other little things that brought down the plane my first few times flying it but now the plane and engine themselves may be beyond my skills to fix. My wife won't allow me to spend anymore money and I cant say I blame her. Please help

Captain Video

Well-known member
I'm afraid I don't know the bird but have you tried replacing or augmenting the firewall with hobby grade plywood and use the threaded hex screw taps? Pictures are worth a thousand words. Paint a picture or take one with your phone. Love to help out. Been there, done that and bought the T-shirt.
Ok here are a few pics so u can get the gist of it...anyways the motors mount is poorly designed as you cant get to the screws without taking apart the motor. Which would be fine if the little black screws weren't also stripped. I made a real fine mess of this because I was so eager to go out flying and now I just put my hands in my face because I'm so frustrated...did I mention the engine began seizing?! I secured the connections and that worked but it's happening again even though the connections to the esc are completely plugged in. So one of the wires prob needs to be resoldered and I'm not exactly good at that. You should see the globs of solder on my connections lol. But it is getting better...
Thank you for trying to help even if this bird never gets airborne Its at least good to know people out there have been in my shoes.