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FOAM BOARD Avengers quinjet

My latest project is an RC Quinjet. It will have an airfoil later, but I'm just getting the dimensions down for now. I'm planning on placing two 1806 motors on the back and using thrust vectoring. HopefullyI will have the build finished and up on youtube by next thursday. Thoughts?:confused: DSCN0367.JPG DSCN0368.JPG DSCN0369.JPG quinjetexe.png
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After 10 hours of drafting and designing and much more hours editing, the video is finished. Here is the Quinjet build log/timelapse.


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"Waddle - Waddle" :)

Nice work - this thing is ready to fly. Is it perhaps a little bit nose heavy (seemed to come down pretty hard every time)?

haha yeah! The battery probably shifted to the front after being smashed into the ground as many times as it did. For the maiden im going to put some serious expo in the elevator as well :D