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Foam board based drones for humanitarian relief.


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They have a Bixler in the fleet and Ed's Ansley Peace Drone:

The Nousha
NoushaThe Nousha is a Bixler, one of the most popular aircraft in the world for getting started with fixed-wing UAVs. The high-mounted motor and propeller facilitate easy hand launching, making this aircraft perfect for quick trips out to the field to test new flight plans and modifications to the plane’s software. This is also a fantastic aircraft for teaching new pilots to fly.

The Nousha is named for Nousha Kabawat, founder of our partner organization Project Amal ou Salaam, which brings hope and peace to Syrian refugee children who have seen too much of war. Mark had the opportunity to work alongside Nousha in eastern Turkey and see firsthand her love and enthusiasm for Syria’s children. Nousha does not see a lost generation; she sees Syria’s next generation. We can’t think of a better name for an aircraft that teaches people to fly.
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