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foam board from an art supply place


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Hey guys, I'm living in Montreal and am wanting to get into scratch building. from the looks of things everyone uses readi-board from dollar tree, but there isnt one even close to me, so after some hunting around i found an art supply store that has foam boards that are at the same thickness as dollartree boards.


I'm just wondering if you guys think they would be an acceptable replacement for the readiboards from dollartree?

I'm not sure what it means by "its thinly coated with clay on both sides".

maybe there are some of you from the Montreal area and could offer some advice on where to buy foam if this isnt a good idea.



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Getting Depron foam in Canada can be a challenge and the stuff is sized for small builds and is not cheap.
I have found some art board that works well. You will need to strip the paper or plastic off a bit to see what's underneath.
The clay separator stuff is not a good choice.
If you are unfamiliar with what Depron looks or feels like, just look at disposable food containers.


I am not sure how much this helps, but there is a Dollar Tree in Plattsburgh, NY 100km away from Montreal. Google Maps says about 1 hour and 15 minute drive. So you can order the 50 pack and have it sent to that Dollar Tree and pick it up in Plattsburgh. maybe, if customs is not a problem.

The problem with the other type of foam board is that with the paper on, it is much heavier than Dollar Tree foam board and taking the paper off is a really big pain, mainly because of the almost waterproof clay covering. If you want to use the foam board you posted, you will need quite a bit of rubbing alcohol to take off the paper.
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I am originally from Australia, but am now in Montreal, oops, need to update my profile.
Thanks for the links guys, its really hard to know whats what out there as i've never done any scratchbuilding before. the greathobbies ones look good but they seem too small. Plattsburgh would be nice, but i wonder if they would pull it up coming across through customs, i bet i get looked at extra hard as i'm not a canadian or american resident.

I haven't noticed any at a dollarama, but i havent looked either, do you reckon they would have them?
any other tips are more than welcome