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Foam board wing repair for FT Scout?

Trying to figure out how to repair this damage on my FT Scout (son flew it into a pole :( ) without having to build and install a new wing. Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent method to repair this ding? Plane seems to fly okay, just looking for a cosmetic repair. Does not have to look perfect, as I will probably be painting this plane at some point. Thanks!
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you can try making a cut where the wing is smashed in towards the fuselage and them down towards the front of the wing. and flipp the piece of foam fowards. then you can align the wing back together and hot glue ti again, and walaaa brand almost new wing.


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First I'm not sure it needs fixing, it looks flyable to me.

If you want to fix it. I would take something like the right angle tool below and pull the damaged area back into place and hot glue it .



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Or pull it out, put a skewer on the front add some speed fairing tape do the same to the other side, VIOLA? Really want to go hardcore repair? Run the skewer through the fuselage. FYI, I build flying tanks.


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yup, a little pulling and molding and a piece of packing tape. if you really want to hide it cosmetically, get some wide white vinyl tape (or white duct tape)

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Was able to pull out most of the damage by taking the paper off of the damaged area after cutting it out of the wing. Glued it back in with foam tack and it is not looking too bad now. Will cover with some scrap paper backing which should blend in pretty well.
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Looks great! If you are trying to cover a small dent or seam, you can always use lighweight drywall filler.
I added a little lightweight spackle to even things out and covered with a piece of 3M white vinyl tape, which matches the white paper almost perfectly. Thanks for the advice, guys!