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Foam Question


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Hello, I'm new to the Flite Test forum and I had a question some of you may be able to answer. I just built a scratch-built ultra micro of my own design. It flies great but the foam is way too fragile. I used 3mm Midwest "Cellfoam" and it just won't work for my application. I was wondering what type of foam they use for Airhogs type planes. It's super flexible and would work perfect for my design. Does anyone know what type of foam this is? And if so where can I purchase some 3mm sheets of it?


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The strongest is EPO: Expanded Poly Olefin. It is extremely hard to find, and almost impossible to buy. You might want to try Depron. It is a stronger foam than Cellfoam, but must be ordered in bulk.


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FYI: all the flite test plane kits are made from Readi-Board, the stuff you get from Dollar Tree. I build almost exclusivly with the stuff and it can handle a lot of abuse if you have a good build technique.

Depron is hard to find in the states. There is a foam board sold at K-mart and office max called "EcoBrites" made by "Royal". It feels a lot like Depron but cant confirm it is. One thing about Depron is that it can easily crack from impacts. It cant take hits as easily.

Readi-Board is XPS, Extruded Polystyrene. Its flxable, but with nothing more then packing tape you can make it stiffer.

Both materials come covered in kraft paper. A lot of poeple remove the paper since it falls off very easily if it gets wet. Where I live there is enough moisture in the air alone that it weakens the bond and I can easily peel the paper right off in a single sheet in seconds.

(yes, thats me, being lazy on a sunday morning)

Here is a thread (though on another forum) dedicated to planes made from Readi-Board