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foamboard Dornier Libelle simple seaplane

Adobe Reader DC will tile the plans...I think. Out of ink at the moment, so I'll try printing it tomorrow. How do you think it would work with a 2206 motor? I've got an extra Gartt 2206 1400kv with a 8x6 slow fly prop. I'm trying that on the Mini SE5. If it works there I'll try it on the Dornier Libelle. The only thing about that motor is it takes a 30mmx30mm firewall.


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gs (I dont know how to call them in English, in German, they are called
"Dornier Stummelflügel".

I can tell you the most common term in English is “sponson”. But that can be used not only for the Dormier type “wings” but also the wing tip type floats.

Awesome job on this plane, take a shot at the Sea Star😉
Cool Information you got there! I think some builders might be interested in the Spatz, too.
Mine is the Libelle II, and I think you can see the design similarities pretty clearly. But mine has a complete different engine pod, to get the motor as far to the front as possible to help with CG. The engines of that era were so heavy that they needed to be placed extreamely near to the CG.
Lovely. I have my parts cut out of 1/4” blue foam. Two questions: 1. Where is the center of gravity? 2. How many centimeters is the leading edge above the fuselage deck, and how many centimeters is the trailing edge above the future launch deck?