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foamboard Dornier Libelle simple seaplane

@Dr. Looping Looie we got to fly the Libelle with ailerons yesterday. No video yet but I will get some when I can. The ailerons made it a great flyer. It was very gusty yesterday and with that you can tell just how light this plane builds as it gets bounced around quite a bit but is a fantastic flyer. Here are pictures of one of my flying buddies with his Libelle taped to match his pontoon boat! Can't wait to fly in calmer winds and off the water.

7x4 Slo Fly​
(4) FliteTest ES9051 servo​
Speed Controller
800Mah 3S Glacier​
650Mah 3S Tattu​

Aileron Modification:
Ailerons on outboard end of wing. 1.75 inches deep to hinge line, 9.5 inches long from wing tip.​
The heavier battery handled the wind a bit better but both flew great!


Sorry had to travel earlier, but I did fly mine last saturday.

LOVE IT. Super simple build, (just make sure it's the right way up LOL)

I did though find it to be a little susceptible to battery positioning and having to re-tune the elevator, but it does fly really well. 3S 1500 was a little heavy, 3S 1000 was about right, didn't have anything smaller.

At one point I set it with some right rudder, 1/4 throttle and put my transmitter down for a good 5 minutes and it just puttered around our field on it's own.

Time to build some more with a little more time spent :)


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Sad Libelle.

Not sure what happened. I had the battery in the same location as always, but she was flying as if she was extremely tail heavy. My first flight I managed to set her down without damage and I adjusted the battery forward a little bit to get the balance right.

Took off for the second flight and as soon as I reduced power she dove for the water. Not entirely sure why as I was holding back elevator before she went in. Hit so hard the bottom caved in and she flipped over.

I'm letting everything dry off overnight before I see what the damage is. I'm pretty sure the airframe is toast, but with some luck the electronics are salvageable.