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Foamboard P-47 Thunderbolt


Junior Member
I thought I'd try some of John Overstreet's techniques and make this P-47. I tried to make this P-47 where if you can build the FT Corsair, you can build this. I used different techniques for putting formers on by using a Flite test style box to hold the formers. I found this to be much easier when building it. I still need to do some final touches on perfecting the center of gravity. It has a 42 inch wingspan and is swappable. I flew it on a 9 inch propeller, however I would recommend using the Flite Test Radials and a 10 inch propeller. The plans are complete but not finalized. I will finalize them before I put them out the the community.
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wooooowww :love::love:
I have been wanting to see something like this done for so long. If you have any plans of be happy to do a beta build for ya! I love the challenge and am pretty good at problem solving.