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Foamy QuadCopter Frame

This idea have been bugging me for a long time now so I made one.
I'll just need to buy some electronics for this.

It is based on 8x4 prop and it weights 165 grams.
I don't know how much weight it can carry but it's rigid.

Look at this...



If I want to carry a camera on this, what would be the motor/esc I would need with my 8inch props?


Elemental Madness
hehe, nice! Although 8 in props seem pretty big for such a craft! You could probably carry a gopro no problem, as long as the frame can take it.
I've put my food balance over and I overpassed the 5kg limit by pushing on it so i think that the frame can handle it pretty much.

I don't know any scientific way to determine the maximum beside making the frame break.
i think that i'll make a second one an press on it until it breaks...


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I have had the same idea for a while now but have been thinking that a laminated foamboard or bluecore buildup can be shaped into something more esthetically pleasing instead of the standard quad style frame.

EarthScienceTeach are you listening?

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