FoamyDM - EZ Viking S-3b


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I have a project building a Master series style Viking S-3b. (Link here). I just got my EZ kit, and thought I should make an EZ scale is the Viking S-3.

The other day I made a paper pattern to about 18" wing span, using Dollar General Foam Board (3/32" thick). I used poster board for patterning.
Then started cutting. And before long I had a working model. (no glue) I used the big model c.g. (note the 2 dots)
From this it was time for a glide test in the yard:

Based on the tests it clearly glides well. The balance might be a hair tail heavy, and it tip stalls.
Likely, it will fly well with the motors.


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That looks really good in the air. A couple motors maybe a stablizer I could fly that all day. Or till I run out of batteries


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I tried the c-17 control board, with some E010 19000kv motors with Tinywhoop props and I didn't have much success, yet. Could be needing to set it up differently. I'm not sure yet. I'm still working on it.

However, for those more adventurous, might I suggest the MMS (Micro Master Series Viking S-3b alpha). No working landing gear, (yet). Glide test forthcoming when the grass dries.


Although if it works... This is a ~1:48 scale. a similarly scaled Nimitz would be 22.5' x 5.25' x 1.5". (almost reasonable.) I know a British carrier would be smaller.


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I just thought back about them wrist rockets getting tossed off Nimitz by the cats. That is actually the sound you here WHOOOSH!!! Zoom!! with a slight shudder under your feet.


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Today I discovered why the profile version was turning.... It was the rudder. The AUW is 40g.
IMG_20200716_153232543.jpg IMG_20200716_165707747.jpg

EZ - V-3b Viking maiden flight:

This was very easy to fly within the cul-de-sac. And handled the turbulent air in front of the house well.

Plans are on their way. Keep and eye out.