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FoamyDM Plan Index


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I have realized, over the last handful of years, I have managed to Design and build a Decent number of Planes.
I will use this pages to collect them all, and link the build logs.


(Designed, Built, Maiden, Complete)




Savoia Marchetti s55x (Porco-Rosso)


Baby Bloody Black Widow P-61

Maiden / Complete


Baby Bloody Vampire



AF-X1 (Starfox)

Maiden - Fail


VF-9 (Robotech)

Maiden - Fail!


Logan X-stream6

Maiden -Failure


Foamy Bird of Time

Plan - Mid-Build


Crimson Skies: Heaven's Spade Faction - Carrier

Maiden: Success

Drop Ship:


Crimson Skies: Heaven's Spade Faction - Dragster

ready for maiden


Crimson Skies: Heaven's Spade Factions - Sparrow

Maiden Failure -
no glide success


Crimson Skies: Devil's Dozen Faction - Big Bat



Crimson Skies: Devil's Dozen Faction - SkyScreamer



Crimson Skies: Devil's Dozen Faction - Mosquito

Maidened - Unstable


LPL Flying Sub

Maiden Failure



Prototype Built

Kalinin K-12

Building (90%)


Moskelev Sam-7

Built - Non-Flight


Spruce Gosling

Building (75%)


Dragon Glider



The post is limited to 20 pictures... hmm. I will have to rethink this.

Design Method for Clear Plans
I use AutoCAD Lt 2012.
My current design method. (mostly because Sketchup's flatten add-on feature didn't work for a while for me.)
  • I import the images... scale it so the fuse matches just larger than standard pod (2" for B or C, 1.25" for A) or match Prop sizes
  • I draw over the image. P(oly)line mostly, Measure arc to confirm bent edges and flat lines should match up
  • Then I offset, shift change the Linetypes/layers as appropriate (sometimes I do it right and put it in correctly first.) to account for the folds and think about where I want bend, tapers, or slight bends (like on the FT wing tops). Where ever the Top and bottom layers are a flat solid piece in my mind.
    • Lt Blue Scores are for slight bends, like in the tail tapers, or paper removal edges.
    • Red line grooves are for bigger more defined bends, or the edge of foam removal.
    • Dots/Crosses/Concrete is for paper removal.
    • Long Hatched lines are for long ironed or sanded tapers
    • Short Hatched lines are bevels.
    • DON'T FORGET to MARK CG's a hole. You can always dot with glue if it's right.
  • When I'm happy, I try to make the outlines a single piece to facilitate moving it.
  • Then I arrange it to be in the inner black box. (The size of a Adams ready board 29.5" x 20"). this is set in the standard FT sheet.
The end product allows me to take the prints and mount directly to DTFB and cut.

Estimating model Weight. Knowing how many sheets is critical. Each sheet is 115g. on a typical layout approx. 75-65% of it is used. I go conservative at 75%, so ~85g/sheet Then I assume 1 Stick of glue 2 sheets. so that adds back ~24g. then you can look up the weights of the electronics, and Battery. A-Pack = ~100-130g, C-Pack = 300-350g.

...To be Continued
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
Still Working on this... I have WAY more than I thought. This might have to wait until next week.
Due to Picture Limitations, I will have to use this post as a further list... or do it differently. (somehow)
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
on the AF-X1 (Starfox) why did it failed?
First, look at the flight vid:

There are three things as I see it.
1. Not enough wing or speed for the right lift. (i needed more cowbell)
2. I still haven't figured the CG right, although I'm VERY close. (those little Cannards mess me up)
3. the connection between the wings and fuse are very fragile which means one rough landing and poof.

I haven't given up. on ANY of my projects... but I am about to put a halt on new ones, to give the old ones a renewed vigor.
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
I just added my design methods to this index. Enjoy!

I will be posting my plans to the resources, as I do it I will redo the first post to suit.