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I have realized, over the last handful of years, I have managed to Design and build a Decent number of Planes.
I will use this pages to collect them all, and link the build logs.

One Sheet Wonders
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FTFC19 - Fantasy Design - Build Challenge
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Crimson Skies
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FTFC20 - Classic to Modern - Design Build Challenge
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Big Builds - 80"+ Wingspan or (90mm+ jet)
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1644870197494.png 1655308197959.png

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FDM Magician FDM Mod Prandlt-D MS
Hayoa Miyazaki Inspirations
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All my plans are done in full size sheets (ANSI-D 34" x 22"), You can still print them with a regular household printer. Select Print and your printer. select the "Poster" option in the "Page Sizing & Handling " section. Make sure to print 100% scale, overlap 0.005". Toggle on "Tile only large pages". PRINT away!

If you spot any errors please let me know and I will try to fix them.

Design Method for Clear Plans
I use AutoCAD Lt 2021.
My current design method. (mostly because Sketchup's flatten add-on feature didn't work for a while for me.)
  • I import the images... scale it so the fuse matches just larger than standard pod (2" for B or C, 1.25" for A) or match Prop sizes
  • I draw over the image. P(oly)line mostly, Measure arc to confirm bent edges and flat lines should match up
  • Then I offset, shift change the Linetypes/layers as appropriate (sometimes I do it right and put it in correctly first.) to account for the folds and think about where I want bend, tapers, or slight bends (like on the FT wing tops). Where ever the Top and bottom layers are a flat solid piece in my mind.
    • Lt Blue Scores are for slight bends, like in the tail tapers, or paper removal edges.
    • Red line grooves are for bigger more defined bends, or the edge of foam removal.
    • Dots/Crosses/Concrete is for paper removal.
    • Long Hatched lines are for long ironed or sanded tapers
    • Short Hatched lines are bevels.
    • DON'T FORGET to MARK CG's a hole. You can always dot with glue if it's right.
  • When I'm happy, I try to make the outlines a single piece to facilitate moving it.
  • Then I arrange it to be in the inner black box. (The size of a Adams ready board 29.5" x 20"). this is set in the standard FT sheet.
The end product allows me to take the prints and mount directly to DTFB and cut.

Estimating model Weight. Knowing how many sheets is critical. Each sheet is 115g. on a typical layout approx. 75-65% of it is used. I go conservative at 75%, so ~85g/sheet Then I assume 1 Stick of glue 2 sheets. so that adds back ~24g. then you can look up the weights of the electronics, and Battery. A-Pack = ~100-130g, C-Pack = 300-350g.

Preferred Components
- cheap blue 9g servos for most things, HMS 5g Servos seem to work well, otherwise 5g will be MG in the future
Control Horns - Aim Dollar Tree Dental picks. They glue well and the holes are perfect for the control rods.
Control rod - Landscaping flag wire. lengths for 18-21", at 10cents a piece. it beats $1/ft for the music wire. Rigid enough and works well with the Control horns.
Linkages - Z-Bends, Slack taken by a twist of the pliers.
Covering - Packing Tape - Colorful, cheap, and light weight.
Motors - Flite Test Radials are truly good quality and are the ones I lean on. however Emax is the other brand that seems to rarely fail me.

...To be Continued
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
Legend for the List above
Maiden Successfully
Maiden Fail
Glide test
Stages of Build process early: Cut/Forming - Built - Electronics left
Plans Complete
Planning Stages
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
on the AF-X1 (Starfox) why did it failed?
First, look at the flight vid:

There are three things as I see it.
1. Not enough wing or speed for the right lift. (i needed more cowbell)
2. I still haven't figured the CG right, although I'm VERY close. (those little Cannards mess me up)
3. the connection between the wings and fuse are very fragile which means one rough landing and poof.

I haven't given up. on ANY of my projects... but I am about to put a halt on new ones, to give the old ones a renewed vigor.
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
I just added my design methods to this index. Enjoy!

I will be posting my plans to the resources, as I do it I will redo the first post to suit.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I have updated Post #1 to link to all the resources listed.
@ACE62 - I have inserted all the links Which one were you looking at?


Building Fool-Flying Noob
The FAA is F*cking us!
A question from a coworker a National Engineering Week Luncheon on what is my take on the new FAA rules on the hobby.
Promtped a quick off hand "The FAA is f*cking us." But then after an apology of language use in mixed company (southern NC). I proceeded to explain why and how.

I then sent this email out to my department, I fear it may be to late:
A question at lunch today prompted a passionate response here is why, According to the FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) 2019-2020 the following requirements are proposed for All Unmanned Air Vehicles. (UAVs). These proposed rules as written, will destroy my creative drive through Model Aviation.

I am an avid designer and builder of Model UAVs with a Private build collection of over 45+ craft only 8 of which are purchased, and 27 of which are my design, or an my adaptation of existing craft in more traditional media (balsa) developed over the last 3 yrs.
My current designs: (both successful, and unsuccessful)
Experimental WWII aircraft:
View attachment 158862
Custom Fantasy Aircraft:
View attachment 158863
Custom Small Aircraft:
View attachment 158864
Foam Adaptations of traditional Balsa Builds:
View attachment 158865

These rules, as proposed, will stop this innovation/creativity DEAD in it’s tracks.

Current rules:
  • Don’t fly over 400ft.
  • Don’t fly over people.
  • Always be able to see your UAV – Fly LOS, or with a spotter if you are using remote view (first person viewing)
  • Fly responsibly and put your AMA number or FAA registration ID in your craft.
How these rule are written:

For a UAVs to be allowed, The manufacturer must be Certified by the FAA and unmodified to be legal to fly. (NO CUSTOM or MODIFIED CRAFT – PERIOD)
Each individual Craft and operator must transfer their locations real-time to a publicly accessible site. (Privacy removed)
Viability and Costs The currently available systems are prohibitively Costly, Heavy, and power hungry to be usable on Park-size Models (2’-4’ wingspan)
EACH CRAFT, and PILOT MUST REGISTER – at $5/craft/yr, that is a cost of nearly $250, and doubles the cost of the Aircraft, as I currently build. and triples my current yearly membership expense.
Limited ways to fly:
View attachment 158867

This location tracking can be done with a broadcast system that will tell local manned flights, where the UAVs are located. They are lighter, less power hungry and less costly, and currently available in a usable way.
Free Fly Zones (FRIA) often Aeronautical Modelers Association [AMA] sanctioned fields, will be grant only In the first 12 months. They will not be renewed. The sanction are only valid for 3 years. In 3 years, the only way to fly as a modeler is as otherwise outlined.
Currently, No Community-Base Safety Organizations have been approved by the FAA. (AMA and FTCA are attempting to gain this status)

Why I’m worried
My concerns:

  1. The hobby that brings me great joy and challenge in my personal time will cease overnight as I enjoy it.
  2. I don’t believe the unmanned airways are really going to be the cash-cow it is being sold and pushing the hobbyist aside for.
  3. Safety concerns are often cited, yet Congress has yet to produce a Study showing the cause for this required rule making as mandated to the FAA.
  4. In the 100 years of model aviation there have been fewer deaths than a typical year of manned aircraft travel anywhere in the last 60 years.
  5. Non-commercial innovations will no longer be allowed. Private innovation is typically what shows the commercial viability. I see American innovation in Aviation dropping significantly.
  6. Most STEM clubs will remove their aviation components without viable methods to explore it, much past Chuck gliders, and paper airplanes.
  7. Future aviators and aeronautical innovators will diminish. Not a good plan during a worldwide aviation crisis.
  8. I teach STEM to my SCOUTERS using Aviation, and I will no longer be able to do so with a simple avenue to follow. I can’t tell them to join a local club. Because it likely won’t exist (FRIA rule)
  9. Model aviation is one of the ways parents can pull their children from the allure of Video Games and to building memories together with them to last a lifetime.
How you can help: The comment period ends before March 2nd, 2020
Please Click here and add your personal comment: please be direct and make it personal. Let them know what you disagree with, loss of pilot privacy, burdensome costs, reduction of future Aviation Innovators, limiting innovations to commercial operations alone.
Please let them know that this proposed rule will stunt the aeronautical development in both pilots and the aircraft field for generations. Tell them hundreds of thousands of hobbyist use aviation to help them get through dark times.
Please share this if you care, and have your voice heard. If enough people speak up, the FAA will realize they forgot about a population of us. The innovators and scratch-builders.

Please use this email as example for one of your own. Show your co-workers and family and friends what you do, and why it's your passion, them help them lend an informed voice to inn-act a meaningful correction to the rules.



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I just saw this and it makes me happy that i can buy the cool DJI drone this company is part of the problem now and i definitely wont buy any products from them now.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
In the last few months I have to say I have a few more designs to add.
Things like the Vance Viking, the Q1 Quickie, the Magician (Sorcerer Balsa Conversion), the Bandito, carplane, a bigger dragonfly (just started). There are more on the way,


a few questions, if you don't mind. How do you cut the Dental picks, for use as control horns? This is amazing!

Also, where do you get your landscape wire? And what do you use as a firewall?


Building Fool-Flying Noob
a few questions, if you don't mind. How do you cut the Dental picks, for use as control horns? This is amazing!

Also, where do you get your landscape wire? And what do you use as a firewall?
The Dental Picks are the Ones from the Dollar Tree they are the Aim Precision, as the holes are just the right size for the Landscaping wire. I just use a wire cutter to cut them. It is best to sand/roughen the points you wish to glue into the plane.

the Pushrods. These are just a the wire from a Landscaping flag, they are in every home improvement store.

Firewalls. I am either using firewalls from FT kits I have or have bought the Firewall pack. I have also 3d printed them. One last suggestion is Cutting Boards from the Dollar Tree. really any sturdy Plastic or Wood or metal will do. Wood and plastic are easier for the table top builder to work with.

I hope it helps. The landscaping wire has saved me a bundle, and the picks have saved me time.


Do you have a picture of how you cut Dental Picks? Do you cut off the pick part glue in the prongs where the floss connects?


Building Fool-Flying Noob

Keep the center piece. rough up the floss points. and round out the one near the holes.
I hope this helps.


In the last few months I have to say I have a few more designs to add.
Things like the Vance Viking, the Q1 Quickie, the Magician (Sorcerer Balsa Conversion), the Bandito, carplane, a bigger dragonfly (just started). There are more on the way,

Hello FoamyDM. I'm especially interested in seeing your Magician. I started a similar conversion years ago, but never got so far as to actually print and build it.

Sorcerer-808-01.png Sorcerer-808-02.png Sorcerer-808-03.png Sorcerer-808-05.png