FoamyDM's Mighty Mini Explorer

FoamyDM's Mighty Mini Explorer 1.0

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FoamyDM submitted a new resource:

FoamyDM's Mighty Mini Explorer - A or F pack motor and a Small park? Here's your answer; The Mighty Mini Explorer

Do you want the joy of the FT Explorer, but you only have a is a small motor? That's ok.
With this easy flying forgiving plane, you can take it around a small or a large park. These plans are ready for you to build exactly what you need. View attachment 157074

Motor 1806 2280kV(A Pack), or 2204 2300kV (F Pack)
Prop 0604 or 0503
Servos 2 or 4 - 5g

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For the Most Part Yes. It is Pretty Close.
The motor Mount is the big modification. that and I recommend ailerons if you can.

Thanks for visiting this. I nearly forgot about it.


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Wait... Aren't pusher props just tractor prop turned around, and set facing backwards?
Either way. Build it you'll be happy it's a great park flyer.


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Use the adobe acrobat reader. Free version. The later versions have a poster print.


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I have some feedback:
The holes where the battery holder slots into big center piece of the core is a cavity now cut through
The bottom piece of the boom is one width of foam on each side too wide
The power pod holder is very fragile
The little top piece of the rectangle on the power pod holder is one width of foam too tall


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The power pod holder is the craziest part. I will compare my files and the build and update the plans for others. Thank you for your feedback!

I think on mine, feeding the ESC through is always a mess. Please accept my apologies, it was my first conversion, and first design like that. The resizing of the gaps was throwing my head for a loop.


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So a note on the POD mount. This was an early design. and my intent was to use the A-Pack Pod as is. and that is why the pod mount is so unusual. it might bee better to just cut off the Wings Marked with the "C"-Fold", and glued them on the outside, matching the top and back, then removing the inside parts, then insert the shelf.

The idea was to have the c-wings tabs fold out but it...then I realize the foam removed then makes it complex.

I hope this saves some grief.