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Focke Wulf 190A


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i did get a cheap offer for a 1200-1400mm wingspan FW 190A ready -to-fly today with some minor damage i couldnt keep fingers off...
Small crack in foam in cowl, and at one side of wing. He had flown one time, and chrashed, sold for getting a trainer
Well, even another warbird, just not buildt though.... but in mail.



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That's an awesome little find, the 190's are a sharp looking plane. I got hooked on them when I saw the release vid of the FW190 @MiniacRC did and had to build it.
20200523_210232.jpg 20200523_210255.jpg
Then stepped it up to a 120% version for a larger 2212 motor as well. I haven't flown either yet, still waiting on a new Tx. They were pretty easy to build though.

what power system does this 190 you have use?