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Following instructions (first post)


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We have a "Wellness Program" at work, that offers rewards for reaching points milestones. I let mine roll-over until I get the full amount, and then cash out for something fun. This year, I decided I needed a plane to go with my hat. Freewing 64mm A-10. The plan is to get started putting it all together this evening.

On the "to-do" list with this plane:
Replace oversized pilot figure with something close to the right scale
Add flaps servos
Make the AGM-65 Maverick missiles look more like the real thing (being much, MUCH, too familiar with what real Maverick missiles look like, the included Mavericks in this kit are just much too glaring for me)

It'll likely be at least another week before I'm ready to maiden her.



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My better half had to go in to work this afternoon, so I went with her to the Dungeon and took the Warthog with me. I still need to yank out the oversized pilot, and find a 3.75" - 4.5" action figure to replace it with (3.75" - 4.5" equates to a human 5' - 6' tall in the same scale as this A-10).


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I never saw the cartoon. Our kids loved it and watched it, so my wife had seen some of it, but I'm guessing it was typically on when I was at work.

Looking up the character of Launchpad McQuack, it might not bode well for the future of my Scout. :eek:


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Top photo compares the pilot figure that came installed in the cockpit of the A-10 (on the right), with a Corps Elite action figure I ordered from Amazon, on the left. As near as I can calculate, the stock pilot would be ten feet tall at the scale of the airplane, while the Corps Elite pilot would be five feet tall. I did some repainting on the Corps Elite figure to make it look more like an actual A-10 pilot, added the O2 hose from the mask (small black heatshrink), and made a joystick out of small aluminum tubing covered in heatshrink. While the new pilot isn't perfect (I don't think it sits as far down in the cockpit as the real pilots do), it looks immensely better than the included figure (which also looks more like a sport pilot, rather than a USAF combat pilot).


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Looking good, man! That 02 hose is perfect and you've got the joystick sized just right for his hand. He looks like a darn combat pilot in a pressure suit! Plus, he's not ten feet tall. :p