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For Sale- 1.2/1.3 ghz gear (transmitter, receiver, and an assortment of antennas)

I purchased this 1.3 gear in hopes of doing more with it. I now fly my 250 racer as a primary and cant use this gear. All has only been used a couple flights and no crashes, all in working order and great condition. All purchased from ReadyMadeRC. Shipping is included and will be willing to part it out if no interest is shown in the package after 1 week. All brand new would be $225+, I am asking for $175 shipping included. This lot will include.....

1 x RMRC - 1.3GHz 300mW Transmitter - US VERSION
1 x Low Pass Filter for 1.3GHz Antennas (LPF-1.3)
1 x RMRC - 1.3GHz Receiver (V4 with Custom Comtech Tuner!) (V4-1300MHZRX)
1 x 1.3GHz Optimized 8dBi Patch Antenna - SMA Male
1 x VAS - 1.3 GHz Cloverleaf Antenna (RHCP) Side Feed
1 x VAS - 1.3GHz Skew-Planar Wheel Antenna RHCP - Right Angle
1 x Stock 1.3 whip antenna.

I also will be listing a used dx6i for around 75 bucks shipped, a dx4e used for 20 shipped, 2 x 72mhz controllers and 2 72 mhz receivers... if interested and want the jump on me posting please reply.

Thank you for looking.

P.S. Tried to resize photos, but not too good with that apparently. Sorry for the giant screen eaters.