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For Sale Knuckle H Quad UK

I'm selling my Knuckle H Quad on Ebay Ends 1st March at 11am (GMT +0)come's with a few spare parts as well!

It fly's really well I just fancy something faster and smaller I'll ship with parcel force. No reserve happy bidding


KK2.0 control board from readytoflyquads (flashed with version 1.6 )
x4 Turnigy Park300 brushless outrunner 1380kv
x4 Turnigy Multistar 15Amp ESC's (flashed with simon k)
8 inch props 2sets
12' booms spruce wood (stronger than FT poplar wood 10' booms)
come's with a few spare parts as well! e.g. landing gear and motor shafts

Almost ready to fly

If your just starting out all you will need to start flying is a transmitter, receiver, 2200m lipo battery (xt60 connector) and a battery charger.

Any questions Just ask


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 23.46.38.png Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 23.46.50.png Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 23.46.59.png

(note it dose not come with the FPV gear or Mobius just for display)
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Nice build, looks like a good deal. I'll keep my eye on it. By the way, there is no February 29th this year, I think you mean March 1st :p Also where did you get those lens caps for your fpv cameras they're awesome.
uggh I do meen the first of March, thank you for telling me (that's what's happens when you post when sleepy)

I hope you win I'll chuck in some stickers in for you if you do!

Also Thank you they are standard lens caps with old paper chase stickers attached.

I attached the sad face to the mobius because feel sorry for the poor little guy when I crash it takes the hardest hit! Once I crashed so hard into the ground coming out of a bad flip the mobius jettison it's sd card out the back! It's laying In the field somewhere I'll never find it! :(


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That's a great idea. I keep forgetting to remove the lens cap and this way I might recognize that it's still attached :).