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Sold For Sale - Modded FlySky TH9x


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Hello everyone!

I have a FlySky TH9x transmitter (same as a Turnigy 9x) that I bought back around 2012 and modified with the usual mods.

> LCD backlight
> Installed SmartieParts.com solder free 9x programming board Rev2.3 - this allows you to re-flash the firmware and also includes the LCD backlight driver.

---- UPDATE 2019-02-27 ----
> Re-flashed firmware to OpenTX v2.1.9
NOTE: OpenTX v2.2.x is NOT currently compatible with this radio as v2.2 introduced a bug specific to these radios.

> Installed FrSky DJT Tx module (2.4GHz ACCST)

Also included with the transmitter are the following:

> Zippy (HobbyKing) 9.9V 1800mAh LiFe transmitter pack
> FrSky V8R4-II 4-channel receiver - compatible with the DJT Tx module
> Original "FlySky" FS-R8B 8-channel receiver - probably won't bind/work with radio anymore because of mods, but I have no use for this Rx anymore
> "FlySky" FS-R6B 6-channel receiver - this also probably won't bind/work with radio anymore but again I don't have a use for it anymore

This transmitter has spent most of it's life in a foam padded case and has only a few test flights for past projects on it.

Asking $60 shipped via USPS flat rate medium box.

Shipping would be to USA continental/lower 48 states (Sorry Hawaii and Alaska) and shipping would need to be ground because of the LiFe pack. Alternatively, if you are local to the Sacramento, California area and would like to meet for a local pick-up that can be arranged.

EDIT: Pictures removed to save server/hosting space.
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This would be a great radio package for a new pilot or someone looking to experiment with OpenTx (especially if you were able to flash it to a current OpenTx version)


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Yeah, unfortunately OpenTX has (at least for the moment) dropped support for this radio as of version 2.2.

Apparently Ver2.2 introduced a bug specific to the 9x radio, so 2.1.9 is the most recent version that works.

I found that out when I was trying to update the radio firmware after I posted this sale thread.

So I should update the sale thread and pictures because the radio does now have OpenTX 2.1.9
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