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For Sale - Motors/Servos/Batteries/ESCs/Charger

Selling my RC Equipment--please also see my related post in the receiver/transmitter section. $200 plus shipping. Selling as a complete package--no parting out.

Overwhelming preference is local pickup in Chicago/Milwaukee areas.

Package includes:
  • Emax GT2215/09 (Power Pack C Motor) - Used and in original box
  • 2 x Emax MT1806-2280KV (Power Pack A Motors) - Used
  • Freewing EDF fan and motor (2627-4300KV)
  • Grayson hobby 30A Esc
  • Freewing 40A ESC
  • 2 x BL Heli 12A ESCs (power pack A ESCs)
  • 9 nine-gram servos and hardware
  • 5 five-gram servos and hardware
  • y-harnesses and servo extensions
  • Assorted propellors
  • 3 x Tipple 3S 800mAH 20C batteries w/ XT30 connectors
  • 2 x Zippy Compact 3S 1300 mAH 25C batteries w/ XT60 connectors
  • 3x Zippy 4S 2200 mAH 40C batteries w/ XT60 connectors
  • 1x RoaringTop 4S 3700 mAH 45C battery with T-connector
  • Imax B6AC v2 LIPO charger
  • Servo tester
  • Lipo Voltage Tester
  • Lipo Voltage Alarm
  • 2x FliteTest Lipo Bags



Well-known member
If you don’t get any bites for the whole package let me know. Interested in some pieces depending on price and would need shipped to NJ.