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For Sale: SunnySky X2212-13 980KV & VeloTech 30A ESC

Looking to sell four motors and four ESCs. Would be great for someone looking to build a larger quad, multi-engine fixed wing, a bunch of single-engine fixed wings, or some really crazy desk fans.

Motors are:
Sells new for $11.90. Asking $10 each.

ESCs are:
Velotech Magic 30A
Sells new for $8. Asking $5 each.

Full package would sell new for about $80. Asking $60.

Probably less than an hour of run time, no crashes. Originally bought the motors and ESCs from BuddyRC for a college project that's since been completed. Selling them to put the money toward a mini quad. Message me if you're interested, and we can figure out a payment method that works for both of us. (This is my first Classifieds post, so I don't know what the popular methods are, yet.)

Pictures of the stuff for sale:

Note: None of the linked posts are mine other than the GDrive pictures - I'm just providing them for information.
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