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For testing purpose


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Using less battery cells (voltage) than rated just means the turbine will spin slower.
Using more battery cells than rated may mean fire.

Good luck with the testing


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Thanks guys appreciate the info. if it works ill start scratch building that x-29. let you know how it goes.
and ill need a 4s lipo. any sugestions edf is QF2827 70mm 12 Blades 2827-2849 2600KV , using a 70a esc .


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thanks for the link, that 3000mha 55c 4s does not look that bad.
or maybe
G5 50Cmax 4S 3300mAh 4.2V-Max LiPo.
all things are on hold until i test the motor.


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hey guys so i finally tested the edf and it's good. i tested it with a 3000mha 3s 40c and let me tell you i have a smaller edf and testing this thing was very intimidating the power on this thing and it was a 3s lipo will a 4s 3000 55c give out more thrust. i had started the scratch build on the x-29 its coming out nice what do you think?

2017-10-25 01.06.55.jpg 2017-10-25 01.07.26.jpg 2017-10-25 01.08.01.jpg 2017-10-25 01.08.20.jpg 2017-10-25 01.12.03.jpg 2017-10-25 01.12.44.jpg