Fowl Flyer Swappable - Scratch Build


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Noob, so be kind. :)

Thinking about the Fowl-Flyer for some things later. But first a couple of questions:

1.) Will it handle 216 gr of payload? Have some equipment that needs to get airborne and keep up for a reasonable amount of time.

2.) What type of speed should one anticipate running about 1/2 throttle?

Currently working towards getting a Smash-Drone built and into the air. Practicing with a SIM for now and hope that the move to real thing will come easier after several SIM hours. Want to get the Smash-Drone mastered then hopefully have whatever I end up with ready to go by that time. Will be doing pretty much just straight and level, flying a grid.

Thanks for any input.

Ryan O.

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Nice quick build. It went together great and the internal capacity should be great for adding some sketchy stuff for combat at ff ;) I've gone with 2 3s 2200's for nose weight. This should fly for a while, and the thicker elevator pushrod should reduce flex. I'll also be testing ground takeoffs without landing gear.
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