FPV Cargo plane


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I have been thinking, so there are lot's of FPV airplanes, and there are a couple of planes capable of carrying cargo, so what about combining them and making a practical airplane?

The goal:
To create an airplane, big or small, that includes long range FPV, a good battery and a cargo hold with a servo to open.
So you need to launch it at a field, it doesn't matter which field and fly it, via FPV to another field that you do videos on, you then must drop something out of the cargo hold, you could do a high altitude drop and have a parachute (more fun) or do a low pass and just let it fall onto the ground. You then must return to the starting field. (and of course comply with the AMA and have a spotter when possible, and a return to home GPS,)

You could also add a fun story, if it's a big plane you could do this:
"So we came to this field, to do this video, but we accidentally sent some of the flite test crew to another field! We need to do something and they need to do something, so how about this? (go through intro on plane) (load small airplane/quadcopter into hold) fly it, drop it, and then they have a little airplane (possibly non-functional) return home, and done."

I'm not sure if there are any safety things that you are concerned about, but I hope you can solve those problems. Thanks!

As always, you're all doing a great job and I love your videos.


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You may want to look at the Planes:fire and rescue video. The C-119 in the video has plans for download. No speed build kit or build video but it should be a relatively easy plane to figure out. You could also wait a few weeks until Peter's cargo plane becomes a swappable. I saw the VTOL and normal variant fly at Flite Fest and they are definitely worth waiting for.


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I've never flown her FPV but love this plane.

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