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fpv design showdown

How about doing a FPV plane fly off. I am flying a Bixler now which is great but a little small. Looking for the next plane....

I fly around Bar Harbor, Maine fequently above salt water. Lots of nice senery here but big chunky granite rocks to land on.

I'd like to see how your FPV Twin Star compares to your Maxi Swift. Maybe throw in the Funjet, Ritewing Zephry II and Skywalker.

How about just doing a comparison between the HK FPV planes.

Compare payload, on board space for equipment, ability to place camera with an unobstucted view forward, manuverabilty vs stability, speed, etc.

As an aside. I also think propeller noise is an issue. I don't like to bug people with noise. A plane that flies with a slow flyer prop(s) like the slow stick is cool especially if flying in a "park" type environment with neighbors and houses. It would be nice to have a plane like that with a good view forward and full 3 axis control.

It would also be nice to have a plane that could fly fast like a Funjet but have space for a Gopro. "100 MPH with a Gopro"

How about a rc plane sized on board HD camera comparison episode. "Is Gopro really the best?"

Thanks for bringing David back to show, can't believe how much that guy knows. He just seems like a good person. You guys are an inspiration. Keep up the good work your show really is way above any internet RC!
dude, you fly around Bar Harbor? That's sick, you should do some fpv around Acadia, you know like Cadillac Mountain? oh yeah about the plane... Get a Rite Wing Zephyr, with the right equipment they can fly 140mph+ and over 1 hour of flight time with just one battery. Great plane for fpv, i'm getting one soon.