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FPV gear recommendations for H Quad


Junior Member
Hi Guys

First post after lurking a while :) !

I've decided to build the H Quad demoed in the FT videos here. Love the simplicity of it and when I added up the parts its within budget.


I'd like to fly it FPV. I've got RC building & flying experience, but no experience flying FPV or with video gear. So this will be my trainer aircraft. :black_eyed: Can anyone recommend a set up package?

Thanks! :)
welcome to the forum :)
check out

im no exppert, but i started with a 5.8 ghz system and a cheep eBay 7 inch lcd display on my tricopter. but you have to force yourself to look at the moniter and not glance up at where you think your copter is, if you do, you will have hard times switching your brain from fpv to los in time (i did anyway:p).
all the best