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FPV Goes Mainstream - Hobby King TV AD on SCI


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Has anyone seen the new Hobby King TV ad on the Science channel? It's only only playing in the US markets. Here's a link for the international viewers...


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This is what has been missing! I want to applaud Hobby King for investing even more in our hobby. I know that this is expensive, but you have to find a way to keep the hobby in the minds of kids and parents to succeed. The science channel is a good start. In my market the Science channel will reach an affluent population that will be the "lowest hanging fruit" giving the best value they could reach for the money spent. I would love to see it grow to perhaps the Discovery channel to expand its reach! Again KUDOs to HOBBY KING for putting their money where there mouth is!!!!!!

StoneKap if you had a hand in the production I applaud you as well! It was very well produced and will produce results!


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Did I say that I was like, "OMG That is Chads workshop!"

EDIT: Third time watching it, pause at 0:10 and you'll see something AWESOME! Hint: (NoA) :)
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OMG, that's way cool...you guys did a commercial for HK that's airing on the Science Channel?!?!? I'm going to quit fast forwarding thru commercials so I can catch it on TV!!

This'll probably pave the way for a HH commercial.
I caught it yesterday for the first time, then ran to Wattflyer.com to post it. Impressive. Nice little story line for a commercial.
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