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FPV goggle advice


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Hello all, I have been away from RC for the last 9 years. I was around bad when FT first started but went on an educational journey that is now completed (within a month). I want not only to continue to fly, but I want to add FPV. I purchased an inexpensive set of Box goggles to try it out, and I am having issues. I am having problems focusing and feel like my eyes are cross-eyed. Is this normal for a box goggle with a single screen? Should I get a better result with more expensive goggles with separate right and left screens?

Thanks in advance for any input!


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I don't have any issues with my box goggles like that. it should have an adjustable focus lenses in it, perhaps it needs to be adjusted. To me it just feels like looking at a screen at an indeterminate distance from my eyes.

Do you wear glasses? or anything.


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Box goggles should have a fresnel lens in them, they all do to my knowledge. Placed 1 focal length from the screen this collimates the light so when you're looking at the screen your eyes are in a far focus state as opposed to holding a regular screen right up to your face and straining to focus close. The questions are what kind of goggles are they and do you wear glasses?
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What make and model goggles are they? Do they have any adjustability? I have a set of transformers that you can adjust things like the focal depth, and eye separation.


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The goggles are ARRIS VR-009 Goggles. I have played with them and if I close one eye (either) the video is focused. If I pull the goggles from my head 3 inches the video is focused. I do not see any adjustments on the unit. I do wear glasses occasionally, only when looking at anything at a distance. Thanks for the responses!


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I only need glasses for distance. I do not use glasses for reading. I am not wearing glasses now, but if I am in a classroom and sit in the back I need glasses to see the video screens...


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I should re-state the problem. It isn't really a focus problem as in fuzzy. It is like I see double superimposed over each other. Like seeing cross-eyed.


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Maybe the lens was installed incorrectly. Unfortunately models like yours are lesser known, and that not only means the knowledge base is smaller, but the quality control or support system is a little less established.