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FPV Racing / Frequency Management Volunteers


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Greetings! Chris with MultiGP here. I am excited to be volunteering this year to help bring FPV racing to Flite Fest but I definitely cannot do it alone. Our primary duties are here:

1. Manage FPV Racing - This will involve registering pilots to race, checking their equipment prior to the race, coordinating the start of the race, monitoring the progress of the race and keeping the race course clear of people.

2. Managing FPV Video Frequency - This will involve using our system to allow pilots to get into a queue to have permission to use a video transmission frequency for a period of time, inspecting equipment, policing the airwaves, saving the world.

I have much to share and really hope to find some volunteers willing to help make this an event to remember. Since the schedule of events each day is not really strict I think we can run a series of races each day, as well as some clinics for people who want to get into racing.

Volunteers please speak up, lets start planning.

If you decide you want to volunteer for the FPV Racing Management Team, contact FlyingMonkey at FlyingMonkey@FliteTest.com. He'll need the following information:

Real Name
Screen Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Street Address
Volunteers please speak up, lets start planning.
I am planning time in Registration and then wherever needed but I would LOVE to have some duty time here.
Been flying everything for years and have quads...but not racing. And not really done any FPV stuff but I have a pilot's license so first person flying is natural to me. And the concept of FPV quad racing really fascinates me and what better way to find out more about it than to become immersed in it.

Count me in for some time. I will be at #FTFF15 for the entire event.

Allen Schmidt
Fredericksburg, Virginia


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Very exciting that you are able to help out, Chris.
We'll get a great little team going in here and hopefully we can make FPV racing and just casual flying a really positive and fun experience for everyone coming to Flite Fest.

There will undoubtedly be some veteran racers there as well as plenty of enthusiastic people who have never raced before. It will be a big challenge to keep everyone on the right track but I think it's definitely the right step towards a great experience.

Thanks again and I'll sent out an email today to registered pilots about signing up for FPV and the races for people that are interested.


EDIT: Note that we are also using Chris for frequency management this year. Although sometimes things just "happen" at large events with large amounts of people flying FPV, a lot of accidents are entirely avoidable. (AKA rogue transmitters firing up near the pilot box, etc.)

Crashing because you attempted something amazing is a very different feeling then crashing because somebody didn't know what was going on and accidentally stepped on your signal!

Although I think everyone did a decent job of self management last year, with the pure volume of FPV pilots and new pilots, we're going to have to take the management to a new level this year to make sure everyone has fun, stays safe and isn't losing equipment needlessly.
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Here are the specific roles we need to have volunteers to fill.

Frequency Management Desk
This role will be needed all day. Sit at the Frequency desk, allow pilots to get in line for a frequency. Pilots will get a set amount of time to use the frequency.

Race Track Marshall
This role will be needed during a race. Make sure that the track stays clear of people. Possibly retrieve equipment. Reset gates knocked down by aircraft.

Tech Inspection
This role will be needed before the race. Verify the equipment is safe and functional prior to clearing to enter race.

Race Staging
This is a role needed during the races. These people will make sure the next race is staged and ready to go.

Race Director
This role is needed during the race. This person will make sure every pilot is ready and will run the race.

These people will watch on the FPV video feed and make sure the pilots do not miss any gates and if they do they return through the gate.
Volunteers please speak up, lets start planning.
I am volunteering in the build tent but would be happy to help with FPV racing and hoping to get some racing in myself. I meet up with the FPV Racers and Explorers out of Berkeley, CA every couple months and have experienced first hand how difficult it can be do manage and FPV race. Looking forward to some great racing.

austin can you PM me about how you plan to do registration this year.

I am heading it up along with pat and I want to know if there is anything special you need us to bring ,ive printed lots of AMA forms and was planning on brining my laptop let me know if you need anything else , I will be there on Wednesday around noon see you then Sean C (Flyboypres)
Sir I just want to know if youre managing the whole FPV frequency hows it going to be setup for the casual flyer? I.e. the people flying planes and quads on fpv for just the fun of it. I really would hate to see people not get to fly FPV at FF15 cause theyre not doing the races.


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Sir I just want to know if youre managing the whole FPV frequency hows it going to be setup for the casual flyer? I.e. the people flying planes and quads on fpv for just the fun of it. I really would hate to see people not get to fly FPV at FF15 cause theyre not doing the races.
Good question. We will be providing two separate types of service, Frequency management and Racing.

Managing the video frequency will be for all FPV activities. You do not have to race to use FPV, just check in so the volunteers can make sure you do not interfere with others who are sharing the frequency.

The racing schedule will be posted soon and will only be a small part of each day. During the races you may not be able to operate FPV but other than that the frequencies are available for all.