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FPV Tricopter Crash


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This is why you should always fly FPV or any RC stuff only in unpopulated areas. You just don't know when something will go wrong.:( I only broke a wooden arm and will need a new rudder servo. Enjoy


Never catch a multirotor
OOPS !! What happened ?
I must say that she came down quite levelled.
This saved a lot I guess ..
Good luck with the repairs !


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why I think it crashed:

The night before I moved the servo wires for the rudder servo closer to the ESC wires leading to the back motor I think that this caused the servo to interfere and lose sync and move erratically to each side. When I got the Tricopter the servo was locked in position way off centre and was frozen. I unplugged the tricopter and then plugged it in again and the servo continued to work perfect leading me to believe it was interference. The servo has lots of play in it now so I do have to get a new one.


How many letters do we ge

I had a tri mishap recently also. Damage seems pretty extensive but the gopro is ok. Motors just stopped dead in flight. Wasn't LVC (pack had ~4.1V per cell) - a mystery!

I'll get the vid up soon(ish).