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FPV tricopter motor issue

Sorry, im not completely sure if this should go here but i have this motor issue with my tricopter that i take arial photos from and i need the tri back in good shape immedietly. So my tricopter has been flying great the last week, i had to go and adjust the gyros and it seemed unstable in the air and took a hard landing. Then one of my motors started to do the thing where it jerks real hard as if trying to move but there is something stopping it. I thought i could be a bad connection somewhere but i couldnt find one. I un plugged one of my other motors that was working and then put the motor with the issue on that esc, it still didnt work., I then plugged the old motor that worked back into its spot, and now that one wont work. Can someone please! help me, i really want to get it flying again on this beautiful day when i have no school.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
If you moved the "bad" motor to a good esc and the esc is not working now chances are that the "bad" motor fried the good esc and you now need 2 new esc's and one new motor! :(



Senior Member
What is connected to the M1,2,3,4 pins on the KK board?
What ESC's are you using?
When you spin the motors by hand, do you feel any binding or do they spin freely?
You should have the gyros at 50% until you at least get it in the air, then adjust them up one at a time so that particular direction wobbles, and back it down a little till it's stable.